Students and parents have expressed much gratitude and satisfaction with their lessons. I can assure you that the great experience goes both ways! Here are some of their comments:

“Brian has been an integral part of my son’s musical development as a saxophone player. He has been a great teacher and mentor. His passion for music, and his enthusiasm for teaching is apparent and inspiring. He has helped my son achieve a place in the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Assoc. and California Band Director’s Assoc. Middle School Honor Bands. We are looking forward to his continued instruction to help our son reach all of his musical aspirations.”

- Cindy K., parent

“My daughter has been Brian’s student the past few years. She loves to learn from Brian because he makes it fun and easy. He is very knowledgeable, kind, and he has a lots of patience with kids. Every week my daughter is looking forward to her lesson with Brian.”

- Niki, parent

“Mr. Brian’s ability to connect with his students parallels his high expectations and depth of knowledge, which enable a very valuable lesson. His flexibility with lesson times and continuous encouragement is well-appreciated.”

- Sarah, student

“We thank Brian for expressing patience and concern of [our daughter’s] development through music. His teaching ability enabled [our daughter] to become a sectional leader to further her enrichment of music.”

- Terry & Theresa, parents

“The quote ‘Those who can’t ~ teach’, couldn’t be further from the truth when speaking about Brian Clements. Not only is he a gifted performer, but he’s a teacher who inspires young musicians to play with skill, heart and truth. And as my son says, ‘He makes playing music ’COOL!’”

- Julie, parent

"We have known Brian for over a year now. My son learns flute from him. Brian is not just knowledgeable in music and technique but also in working with kids. He knows how to make learning a positive experience for children. He is able to walk the fine line between being fun while being serious, connecting with students at their level, while setting the bar high and inspiring them to do better. He is a sincere teacher, who is passionate about teaching. His students mean a lot to him, and he shows it! We were touched when he kept my son’s spot open for an extended period of absence, because my son was forced to take a break.

When my son began, he was not very sure about which wood wind instrument he wanted to play. But almost right way, he set his eyes on the flute. Brian played a key role in encouraging my son to pursue this tough first time woodwind instrument. My son has evolved into a becoming a confident and very enthusiastic student of flute. More importantly, he enjoys the instrument, and is not afraid to try his own tunes or even play it just to relax himself. I thank Brian for this."

- Nithya, parent