Brian Clements is an educator, composer, and freelance woodwind performer based in the Conejo Valley, northwest of Los Angeles. Born in Burbank and raised in southern California, it was living so close to one of the showbiz capitals of the world as well as coming from a musical family that exposed Brian from the very beginning to a wide variety of musical traditions and genres. Brian Clements Headshot

His father, Richard Clements, was a Juilliard attendee and composer/arranger in the Los Angeles area. Many stories of run-ins with the famous on the road and tales of amazing feats of human artistic talent and endeavor in the studios filled the house from as early as memory can recall.

It was these stories, and the constant yet subtle old-world presence of his dad’s beautiful Yamaha C3 grand piano in the house that inspired Brian to start learning piano. It wasn’t too long after that Brian started formal Jazz and Classical study and made the switch to saxophone at age 13. He has been exploring both the internal and external world through music ever since.

After picking up the flute and clarinet in high school, Brian made his way to the birthplace of America and one of the most art-nourishing and inspiring cities in the world: Philadelphia. There he attended a 5 year program at the University of the Arts resulting in his Bachelors of Music in Saxophone Performance and a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree.

With his degrees and his Pennsylvania and California teaching credentials in hand, Brian returned to Los Angeles in 2010 to make new and meaningful art and cultivate his studio with the same warmth and joy of artistic exploration that was bestowed upon him in his studies.

Over the years, Brian has had the privilege to study musical instruments, muse about life and art, drink espresso, and spend formative time with Paul Pate, Vince Trombetta, Lee Secard, Chris Farr, Anthony Salicandro, Dave Sherr, and Ron Kerber.

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A Statement of Music Education Philosophy

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Education can be defined as “the learning that results from continuously experiencing something greater than oneself.” The purpose of one’s education, of these experiences, is to not only enrich the self but to also help enable an individual to participate constructively, meaningfully, and morally within a society. An individual’s experiences through music have unique and powerful roles to play as part of a well rounded education.