Urban Renewal Project Releases New Single: “Don’t Ask Y”

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Urban Renewal Project Releases New Single banner

About a year and a half ago the, musicians of The Urban Renewal Project set out specifically to make a new batch of music that would be a true joy to listen to. We wanted to create some stuff that would make you say “this is cool!” Fun, relatable, must-listen, must-share new tunes.

Now, many hours later, the new album is done, and we’ve released the first single: Don’t Ask Y ft. Camp Lo. You may remember Camp Lo from the soundtrack of the 1996 film The Great White Hype, or from their follow-up ’97 hit Luchini (This Is It), or you may have never heard of them before. Either way, they’re two really talented rappers that totally make this track.

The track is performing pretty well so far, and in particular seems to getting a lot of attention on twitter. If you’ve liked the band’s previous stuff, you should definitely like this, and if you HAVE NOT previously liked our music, I’d encourage you to give it a try again. If you haven’t already checked it out, please listen at the link below, and if you like it, a like or share would be much appreciated!

DXclusive: Camp Lo Pairs Up With Urban Renewal Project For “Don’t Ask Y”